Rates for a stay in Courmayeur

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Rates by person, by night, with breakfast.
Additional rate for stay: € 0.80/night/person.

  • Single room: min. € 54,00 - max. € 139,00
  • Double room: min. € 40,00 - max. € 99,00
  • Triple room: min. € 35,00 - max. € 83,00
  • Quadruple room: min. € 32,00 - max. 78,00

For the available rate and special offers, insert you dates in our check availabilities system.

For your meals, we can recommend various restaurants located in the vicinity of the hotel that offer a menu of the day from € 18,00 to € 22,00:

The restaurants are located 10, 80 and 150 m. from the hotel and offer Valdostan and traditional Italian cuisine but also special prices for families amd groups.

It's better to make reservation and we can reserve your restaurant  from the hotel.


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Weekly stay 7 nights at 6 nights rate

6 nights paid and 1 is free

Special stay 4 = 5

4 nights paid and 1 is free

A Day at the spa...a moment you can't miss!

Total relax in the Mont-blanc warm thermal waters

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