Christmas in Courmayeur

For a 7 nights stay, one night is offered.That's our Christmas gift

Christmas time at Hotel Funivia

Natale all'Hotel Funivia

Snow, slopes, Mont Blanc and the incredible "Rhémy de Noël" legend: Courmayeur is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas with the whole family, including skiing, activities for children and teenagers, shopping and much fun.

This year, it is impossible to resist: Hotel Funivia offers a night for stays of 7 overnight stays from December 21th to 29h.

Do not wait to book, the rooms are limited! 

Price in b&b - For all the offers change of sheets is not included

In Courmayeur Santa Claus exists but does not come from Lapland. It is called Rhémy de Noël, and it is a chimney sweep, born on Christmas Day. As Rhémy tells us, he ventured to the Mont Blanc glaciers to see how the snow had not whitewashed on Christmas Eve. He came to the summit and found the snow trapped by a Giant, who was suffering from solitude. Rhémy decided to stay with him and the snow went back to Courmayeur. Since then, Rhémy only goes down on December 24 to deliver gifts to children lighting a lantern to point the way to his beloved Courmayeur.

Natale all'Hotel Funivia

Natale all'Hotel Funivia

Natale all'Hotel Funivia

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